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ubumask derives from the South African philosophy "Ubuntu".

From Wikipedia:
Ubuntu, pronounced [ùɓúntú], describes a philosophy of life that is practiced in everyday life from African traditions, especially in South Africa. The word Ubuntu comes from the Bantu languages of the Zulu and Xhosa and means something like "humanity", "love of one's neighbour" and "public spirit" as well as the experience and awareness that one is part of a whole.

This describes a basic attitude which is based above all on mutual respect and recognition, respect for human dignity and the striving for a harmonious and peaceful society.

So the philosophy Ubuntu stands for brotherhood, forgiveness, solidarity, compassion and common responsibility. This philosophy of humanity was represented by the former president Nelson Mandela.

And this is exactly what motivates us. With our products and our acting we want to make a contribution to a respectful cooperation between human and human, but also between human and nature.

If you want to learn more about Ubuntu, take a minute and watch the linked video with the great Nelson Mandela.


Das Robert Koch Institut (RKI) empfiehlt FFP2 oder FFP3 Atemschutzmasken zur Behandlung und Pflege von Patient*innen mit einer Infektion durch das Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

Die Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung (DGVU) schreibt gegen luftgetragene biologische Arbeitsstoffe der Risikogruppe 3 das Tragen von FFP3 Atemschutz vor. Diese Regel bezieht sich auf normale Arbeitsplatzsituationen.

Weitere Informationen zum Thema Atemschutz gegen das Coronavirus finden Sie hier.

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